Can you really unlearn something?

If you grew up knowing how to grow your own food, and raise your own farm animals on your own organic farm, could you just forget about that and happily go to the grocery store to buy your food? If you had parents that were strong role models growing up that could raise, grow, build, create, cook, or design anything, would living life in the city feel like a comfortable next step? Welcome to Bloulou, I am Karen Pattington LeRoy, I am the creator of Bloulou. Kind of funny name, eh? The letter B honours my Dad Bruce, and my Mom’s nickname was Loulou.

I offer a number of things that include an all-natural handmade body care product line that includes, soaps, soy candles, deodorant, room sprays and insect repellant. I also grow flowers on the above-mentioned family farm for my flower shop @altavistaflowers and offer floral design workshops. And to round out everything I teach yoga and create art, to calm and expand the mind and move the body. So if any of this sounds intriguing, follow along.

xox Karen

Karen LeRoy
Karen Pattington LeRoy