Bloulou Products Bloulou came from the inspiration and passion for creating a beautiful life from my parents. Hi! I’m Karen, my father Bruce, the B in Bloulou and my Mom, Louise, aka Loulou, form the company’s namesake. And why did I name the company after my folks? Good question! I’ve always loved making, growing or building things; that aspect no doubt stemmed from my parents. They were intrepid; they had a vision and the perseverance to create a good life. I’ve come back to my childhood farm with my son Jacob. He is working for a local heavy equipment mechanic and obtaining his level two apprentice mechanic level. I own and operate a flower shop in Ottawa, Alta Vista Flowers, and write a blog for the shop, and I get to design beautiful things for a living. Had wonderful is that! I have two step-children, Alicia and Alex, who work at the flower shop. Alicia helps out during her free time from her University studies, and Alex delivers flowers. I plan to host a few workshops at Tom’s Pantry in Alexandria in the coming months. My body care products include handmade soaps, deodorants, bath bombs, balms, elixirs, beeswax and soy candles. And, coming soon, I am working on a new face toner and oil. Some of the botanicals are grown on my family farm. Also in the works is a line of cement candle containers and plant pots. I serendipitously met Lori, the former owner of the body care line formally known as Haven Naturals. After one phone call, we became best friends, and she gifted me all the fantastic products and recipes you find here. Next spring and summer (2023), I will continue to grow vegetables and flowers on my family farm. In addition, a self-serve farm stand will be constructed at the top of the driveway, containing the complete line of Bloulou products, surplus-grown vegetables, herbs, produce, consumer bunches of flowers, and floral designs. I am a yoga instructor and focus on bringing joy, calm and wellness through meditation and movement. Visit my Yoga section in the About section for upcoming classes.
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Karen Pattington LeRoy
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